Pair of new papers accepted

by Kyle on March 4, 2014

Had some great news today as two papers got accepted. First our study of Alpha Oscillations measured using Near-infrared light was published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience:

Mathewson, K.E., Beck, D.M., Ro, T., Maclin, E.L., Low, K.A., Fabiani, M., & Gratton, G. (in press). Dynamics of alpha control: Preparatory suppression of posterior alpha oscillations by frontal modulators revealed with combined EEG and event-related optical signal (EROS). Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Second a collaborative engineering paper was accepted for publication in Science:

Xu, S.*, Zhang, Y. *, Jia, L. *, Mathewson, K.E. *, Jang, K.I., Kim, J.H., Fu, H., Huang, X., Chava, P., Wang, R., Bhole, S., Wang, L., Na, Y.J., Guan, Y., Flavin, M., Han, Z., Huang, Y., & Rogers, J.A. (in press). Soft microfluidic assemblies of sensors, circuits and radios for the skin. Science. (*co-first author).

Thanks to everyone involved in both of these papers. Stay tuned and I’ll provide a link for reprints once they become available, or email me for more information.


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