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by Kyle on November 3, 2014

Dear Colleagues,



I am writing now to let you know that I will have an opening in my laboratory at the University of Alberta for one, and possibly two, excellent graduate students beginning in September 2015. If you or any of your colleagues have honours or research students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in cognitive neuroscience of attention, including the electrophysiological and psychophysiological correlates of perception and cognition, please alert them to this opportunity.

The official application deadline is 15 January 2015 to be considered for admission beginning in September 2015, however, applications will be reviewed as soon as they are complete. Please refer to our departmental web pages for information about our graduate program, and to my own web pages for information about my current and recent research. I can also accept students through the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute.


My brand new laboratory in the department of psychology is equipped with cutting edge electrophysiological monitoring equipment, including 64 channels active EEG systems in shielded chambers, as well as portable 16 channel amplifiers. We are able to measure brain, muscle, eye, and heart activity both during traditional laboratory tasks, as well as in real world applied situations like driving and sports. I plan for my graduate students to routinely attend local, national, and international conferences to disseminate their research findings as well as to network and establish contacts with like-minded scientists from other institutions. Importantly, my students and I have a record of publishing in top journals.

I thank you in advance for thinking of my laboratory when advising your trainees about potential graduate school opportunities. Please do not hesitate to have them contact me directly with any questions they may have, or to forward this note to interested students.



Kyle E. Mathewson, Ph.D.

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