From Mathewson To Mayflower

by Kyle on June 1, 2013

Just a slight divergence from brain science for a second so I can put down in writing one of my genealogical histories.


Priscilla Mullins was on the mayflower with her Mom Alice Atwood and dad William Mullins (who died the year the boat landed in the great sickness)

She married John Alden, who also arrived on the first mayflower voyage.

John Allen won Priscilla from another suiter and another Mayflower Pilgrim, Myles Standish, another distant relative of ours through the DeWolf/Kirtland line on You grandma’ carrie’s mom’s side.

There is a well known poem “The Courtship of Miles Standish” about a love triangle between John Allen, Myles Standish, and Priscilla Williams

Myles Standish is not the proven father of Thomas Standish, however, so this case isn’t as strong…

Back to John Allen and Priscilla Mullins, they had a daughter Elizabeth in 1624


Elizabeth m. William Pabodie

daught. Elizabeth Pabodie m. John Rogers

daught. Hanna Rogers m. Lt. Samuel Bradford

daught. Jerusha Bradford m. Reverend Ebineezer Gay


son. Martin Gay in 1728 m Mary Pinckney

MARTIN GAY is a proven descendant from the mayflower, according to to a document “Mayflower births and deaths, Vol. 1 and 2


So Martin Gay and Mark Pinckney’s Daughter, Mary Gay, is a mayflower descendant:

image (3)

Mary Gay m. Rev. William Black Gay, the first methodist minister in America


son. Martin Gay Black

image (4)

Martin Gay Black m. Fanny Smith


daught. Amelia Seabury Black, the mother of Grampy’s Grandfather Samuel J Mathewson,

image (7)

and the wife of James A Mathewson from this picture

image (6)

image (5)

image (8)

so…. Amelia Seabury Black m. James A Mathewson

s. Samuel J Mathewson m. Carrie Louise Smith


s. Clive Mathewson m. Anne Lyle Wallace


s. William Wallace Mathewson m. Mary Fayre Tremain


s. Bruce Mathewson m. Michele Siderson


s. ME!!

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